A humane Canada is taking root in Ottawa!

OTTAWA – May 8, 2017 – Women for a Humane Canada, an initiative of The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies is proud to welcome two new members – a mother and daughter who have lived their lives in the Nation’s Capital.

“We joined because we both believe that we can do better for Canada’s animals,” says Dayna Desmarais, who recently joined Women for a Humane Canada with her mother, Jennifer Rose. “We believe that compassion is something that starts at home – with education, empathy can spread quickly. To be able to work towards a humane Canada with this united voice is a privilege we are thrilled to be able to share.”

Dayna Desmarais, Vice President, SafePet Ottawa

Dayna began working with animals by fostering for rescues in 2009. In 2012, she opened a pet-sitting company focused on providing the highest standards of care to all animals in the Ottawa area. Shortly after that, she began an apprenticeship studying canine behaviour science with a more hands-on approach.

While making great personal accomplishments in those fields, she also completed courses from Duke University in Canine Emotion & Cognition as well as from the University of Edinburgh in Animal Welfare and Behaviour.

2013 sparked the beginning of Dayna's involvement with SafePet Ottawa, where she sits on the Board as their Vice President. It was through this young non-profit organization that she learned more about the link between domestic violence and animal abuse. It became apparent to her that more needed to be done to raise attention and awareness of this link.

The inspiration and motivation to make a difference for the treatment of animals came not only through Dayna's love for them, but also through her mother's. Dayna's mom inspires her every day to do more, to be better and to embody the true attributes of an animal advocate.

If Dayna has learned anything in her years of working with animals, it’s that we can do better, for all animals. Her passion for animals and animal welfare has grown with every new day, and she doesn't see that momentum slowing down anytime soon.

Jennifer Rose, Stewardship Officer, Canadian Blood Services

Jennifer has been an advocate for animals for as long as she can remember. In 2007, Jennifer began fostering dogs for LOYAL Rescue and after adopting Lucy, a little terrified schnauzer who had been seized from a puppy mill just outside of Montreal, Jennifer knew that the issue of puppy mills needed to be addressed.

Shortly afterwards, Jennifer trained with United Animal Nations (now RedRover) for their emergency animal rescue service program. She was trained as an emergency responder to assist with temporary emergency shelter and care for animals displaced during crises.

She has participated in many large scale puppy mill seizures, including one of 500 dogs in Quebec, the largest seizure to date in Canada.

Jennifer then joined Animal Rescue Corps, an organization that assists local law authorities with resources, including investigations, rescue and permanent placements for large-scale animal cruelty situations.

Jennifer was motivated by the opportunity to help but also knew the only way to really enact positive and lasting change was to improve the laws, improve enforcement and elevate public thinking about the role of animals in society. That’s why she’s joined and invested in, Women for a Humane Canada with the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.

Women for a Humane Canada is a cross-Canada circle of women who believe in the power of making meaningful change happen for animals within one generation. Across Canada, women fill more than 70% of the leadership positions in animal welfare organizations, and they represent the largest group of donors. Women for a Humane Canada is committed to investing in this future by developing a Canadian Animal Welfare Indicator Report to determine current animal welfare gaps toward creating a life worth living for all of Canada’s animals.

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A humane Canada is taking root in Ottawa!
A humane Canada is taking root in Ottawa!
Humane Canada (also known as the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies) is Canada's federation of SPCAs and humane societies, representing the largest animal welfare community in Canada.