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Lest we forget – Remembrance Day 2019

On Remembrance Day, Humane Canada places a wreath at the National War Memorial, during the ceremony in Ottawa to help us all remember the sacrifices made by these noble animals as they fought the good fight.

#CanadaVotes2019 - Be the Voice of Animals

We want a humane Canada with federal legislation that protects animals from cruelty and provides a framework to ensure animals are treated humanely and with respect. In many areas, our laws are significantly out of date. We lag behind the international animal welfare community. When Canadians are polled on these issues, we see overwhelming support for taking action to treat animals more humanely.

Making Animals Suffer is Hardly a Western Tradition

Every year at this time, we hold our collective breath in anticipation of the death that will inevitably come at the Calgary Stampede and usually it involves a horse in the Chuckwagon races. Since 2000 nearly 40 horses have been killed during theses races – the only year that didn’t have a death was 2003.

Canada Stepping Up - Improvements to Animal Welfare Laws

We are now halfway through 2019, and it’s shaping up to be a very good year for animals. In the next few days Canadians can reasonably expect four new measures that advance animal welfare to become law – signaling a significant shift in the way we are thinking about the legal framework that governs animal protection.

Humane Canada pleased with Ontario’s commitment to improve animal safety

Humane Canada is pleased to see Solicitor General Sylvia Jones commitment to develop robust animal protection legislation that provides transparency and accountability. Today’s announcement is a step forward to improve animal safety in communities across Ontario.

How updated animal protection laws defend all Canadians

Last week Bill C-84 which broadens the definition of bestiality as well as updating the animal fighting section of Canada’s Criminal Code, passed a third reading in the House of Commons While it’s clear how these important changes will protect animals from sexual abuse and violence, many people may be unaware of how Bill C-84 strengthens our protection of children.

A movement for a humane nation

One Woman for Humane Canada member inspired by another! Marta Etynkowski describes her experience of seeing Dr. Charu Chandrasekera speak about her journey, which took her from being a practitioner of animal testing to a leader in Canada's fight to end it.

Celebrate IWD with a commitment to animals

It is vital that we join together as women to use our power, influence and resources to improve the lives of animals in Canada. After all, we are at the forefront of this movement and in the best position to make change for animals.

2017 in Review: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly in Canadian Animal Welfare

Year in Review: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly in Canadian #AnimalWelfare for 2017. Learn about the wins, the losses and the things that made us shake our heads.

What do human and animal abuse have in common?

Have you heard that CFHS is presenting Canada’s first national conference on the violence link in December? If you aren’t familiar with the violence link, it’s the proven link between violence against animals and violence against people. This can manifest in many ways, including a pet being harmed or killed after a woman leaves an abusive relationship or a serial killer practicing his or her abuse on animals before moving on to human beings. Over the last decade, this pattern has come to be known as the violence link. We now know that, not only does animal abuse co-occur with human abuse, but it can predict future violence against human beings. In fact, animal abuse is more clearly correlated to family violence than mental illness, drinking or drug abuse.
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