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Lessons learned from the Fort Mac wildfires

Benefit from the top five lessons that the Fort McMurray SPCA learned while helping to coordinate the on-the-ground response to the wildfires. Our hope is that these tips will help other animal welfare organizations across Canada to be more prepared for potential disasters.

5 unique and thoughtful Father’s Day gifts for dog dads

He plays endless games of fetch, takes the dog on hour-long walks in downpours and cleans up after a certain someone in the backyard. There is nothing that a dedicated dog dad won’t do for his canine best friend, and he deserves something fun to celebrate that special relationship – something that helps Canada’s animals at the same time! Check out these 5 unique and thoughtful gift for dog dads on Father's Day!

Humane Societies and SPCAs in Canada: A comprehensive look at the sector

This ground-breaking report, available in both French and English, provides the first comprehensive analysis of Canada’s sector of humane societies and SPCAs. Using data from a cross-Canada survey and the Canada Revenue Agency’s Registered Charity Information Returns, we look at the sector’s contributions to Canadian society, the volunteer and financial support it receives and some of the challenges it faces.
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