CFHS launches new national research survey

May 29 2017 – Ottawa – The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has just launched a national survey as a follow up to its ground-breaking 2012 study, Cats in Canada: A Comprehensive Report on the Cat Overpopulation Crisis.

“Our annual animal shelter statistics and anecdotal evidence seem to indicate that things are getting better for cats in Canada, but we need this data to get a more conclusive answer,” says Barbara Cartwright, CEO of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. “We’ll be comparing the data points from our original study to measure the current scope of the problem and how far cat welfare has come since we started our focused, national work on this issue in 2012.”


This national research project is critical to understanding cat population issues in Canada and how they have evolved in the five years of dedicated focus since the publication of the 2012 report. This is not a public survey but rather one for organizations who work directly with cats. CFHS will be seeking data from municipal shelters, veterinarians, humane societies and SPCAs, rescue organizations, trap-neuter-return groups, spay/neuter groups, and other organizations across Canada that help to house or care for unwanted, abandoned, stray and feral cats in Canada.


What kind of data are we looking for from these organizations?

  • How many cats are coming in?
  • How many cats are going out?
  • Where are the cats going? (i.e.: adoption, transfer, return-to-field)
  • How many cats are being spayed/neutered?
  • Is permanent pet ID a requirement under your bylaws? (i.e.: tattoos or microchipping)
  • What strategies and tools does your region/municipality use to combat cat overpopulation? (i.e.: no free roaming bylaws, licensing programs, spay/neuter programs or requirements)

The survey can be found at and will be open until July 31st.


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For information or media interviews, contact:

Luna Allison
Communications and Marketing Manager
Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

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CFHS launches new national research survey
CFHS launches new national research survey
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