CFHS shocked by A Dog’s Purpose footage

OTTAWA January 19, 2017 - The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies was shocked by footage allegedly taken on the set of the film A Dog’s Purpose, which was shot just outside of Winnipeg in November 2015.

"The dog in the scene was clearly terrified and resisting getting in the water," says Barbara Cartwright, CEO of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS). “The fact that the animal was wide-eyed and scratching at the side of the pool tells me that this dog was neither willing nor prepared to take part in such a scene. We’re disappointed that the American Humane representative on the set didn’t intervene on behalf of the dog. Animal welfare is only as strong as its enforcement.”

CFHS Position Statement on Animals in Entertainment

CFHS opposes the use of animals in all forms of entertainment or displays which may cause them to suffer. CFHS believes, in particular, that animals performing or on display in a travelling environment will be deprived of a normal existence and may lack proper attention to their physical, social, and psychological needs.

CFHS contends that the following are detrimental to the well-being of animals:

  • Travel or confinement that impairs the animals’ physical, psychological and social needs
  • The use of abusive, cruel or stressful training techniques or devices or agents employed to cause the animals to perform
  • Close confinement, the lack of exercise and other physical requirements, the inability to express natural behaviours and lack of appropriate socialization
  • The administration of any drug for non-therapeutic purposes in order to alter the performance or behaviour of the animals

CFHS is available for comment on this developing story.

For more information or media interviews, please contact:

Luna Allison
Communications and Marketing Manager
Canadian Federation of Humane Societies
(613) 224-8072 ext. 12

Media Release: CFHS shocked by A Dog’s Purpose footage
CFHS shocked by A Dog’s Purpose footage
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