Meet the Members of Women for Humane Canada™

Chair Jane Young, Bracebridge ON

Linda Barber
Linda Barber, Ottawa ON

Tara Hellewell
Tara Hellewell, Red Deer AB

Amber Mack
Amber Mack, Red Deer AB

Dianna Flannery
Dianna Flannery, Hamilton ON

Miranda Jordan-Smith, Edmonton AB, Vice Chair

Melissa Devlin
Melissa Devlin Parker, Red Deer AB

Anne Sutherland
Anne Sutherland, Toronto ON

Charlene Weiss
Charlene Weiss, Edmonton AB

Dayna Rose-Desmarais
Dayna Desmarais, Ottawa ON

Jennifer Rose
Jennifer Rose, Ottawa ON

Peggie Pelosi
Peggie Pelosi, Toronto ON

Dr. Jane Young
Dr. Jane Young, Bracebridge ON, Chair

Deanna Thompson
Deanna Thompson, Rocky View AB

Carrie Fritz
Carrie Fritz, Okotoks AB

Sue Norton
Sue Norton, Ottawa ON

Cheryl Albuquerque
Cheryl Albuquerque, Toronto ON

Shannon Giust
Shannon Giust, Ottawa, ON

Liz Torlee
Liz Torleé, Toronto ON

Judith Goldberg
Judith Goldberg, Richmond Hill ON

Carissa MacLennan
Carissa MacLennan, Toronto ON

Genevieve Cavanagh
Genevieve Cavanagh, Ottawa ON

Marta Etynkowski
Marta Etynkowski, Toronto ON

Nancy Penrose
Nancy Penrose, Brighton ON

Nancy Nicks
Nancy Nicks, Ottawa ON

Rachel Howard
Rachel Howard, Calgary AB

Lindsey Dawn
Lindsey Dawn, Calgary AB

Deanna Steblyk
Deanna Steblyk, Calgary AB

Monika Enachescu
Monika Enachescu, Calgary AB

Lisa Makinson
Lisa Makinson, Calgary AB

Marcie Moriarty
Marcie Moriarty, Vancouver BC

Mirella Montgomery
Mirella Montgomery, Calgary AB

Karla Briones
Karla Briones, Ottawa ON

Dr. Charu Chandrasekera
Dr. Charu Chandrasekera, Windsor ON

To find out more, download our information package here or email Derek deLouché, Director of Resource Development for Humane Canada™, at or call (613) 224-8072 ext. 17.

We are the members of Women for Humane Canada™! We are investing in animal welfare to make change happen in this generation.
Meet the Members of Women for Humane Canada™
Humane Canada (also known as the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies) is Canada's federation of SPCAs and humane societies, representing the largest animal welfare community in Canada.