Position Statement

Humane Canada™ is deeply concerned about the moral and humane implications of xenografting, which is the transplanting of body parts between species. Humane Canada™ strongly advocates the promotion of other alternatives over the development of animal donor programs.

Humane Canada™ has grave concerns about xenografting. However, Humane Canada™ recognizes that the practice of xenografting is ongoing. Therefore, to ensure the physical, social and psychological well-being of these animals, Humane Canada™ insists that they be provided with at least the following:

  • Appropriate food, water, housing and veterinary care to meet the species’ biological requirements
  • Appropriate levels of environmental complexity necessary to prevent deprivation, boredom or fear

When animals are killed, Humane Canada™ accepts only those methods and procedures that cause minimal distress to the animals.

Read our position statement on xenografting.
Humane Canada (also known as the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies) is Canada's federation of SPCAs and humane societies, representing the largest animal welfare community in Canada.